World Ocean Day Celebrated at ICMEI

Mumbai: June 8 is United Nations World Ocean Day. This year’s theme is Life and Livelihoods. Our ocean feeds billions of people, covers over 70% of the planet and provides 80% of the world’s biodiversity. We need to conserve our wonderful marine resources for future generations.

“World Ocean Day reminds every one of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They are the lungs of our Planet and a major source of food and medicine and a critical part of the biosphere,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of ICMEI-International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry & Patron to IFUNA-Indian Federation of United Nations Associations in a webinar to celebrate World Ocean Day while talking to the media students of AAFT University.

“The purpose of the Day is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s population on a project for the sustainable management of the world’s oceans,” added Dr. Marwah who has been declared as Global Green Ambassador many times because of his deep interest and untiring efforts in promoting environmental activities for many years.

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