Abdoul Wahab Haidara Is Now Patron to Indo Senegal Cultural Forum

New Delhi: H.E. Abdoul Wahab Haidara Ambassador of Senegal to India is now Patron to Indo Senegal Film And Cultural Forum created by Sandeep Marwah of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry and Embassy of Senegal in New Delhi seven years back.

“We will be now able to work much faster under your leadership. You are our guiding force and I am sure we will be able to create better relation between the people of India and  Senegal through cultural diplomacy. Soft power has always played a key role in developing and promoting relations between two countries,” addressed Dr. Sandeep Marwah while presenting the memento to H.E. Abdoul Wahab Haidara.

“I am very keen in starting some interesting programs where we can show the cultural strength of Senegal to the people of India. People in Senegal love Indian music specially from Hindi Cinema. There are large number of people who are great fans of Indian stars,” said H.E. Abdoul Wahab Haidara.

India and Senegal have had close and cordial relations since the latter gained its independence from France  in 1960. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established at the ambassadorial level with the establishment of a resident Indian mission in Dakar in 1962. The two countries share common values of democracy, development and secularism and have been supportive of each other on international fora.

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