The Asian Society of Film and Television and the government of Nigeria together formedthe Indo Nigerian Film Association. Nigerian films began to be produced in the sixties and grew exponentially as a cultural force by the nineties and now become a role model for the rest of the African countries. The government of India and Nigeria realize the requisite need to support filmmakers in all ways, be it the importance of preservation, conservation, restoration of films besides education and training in the art and craft of making films. At around about the same time, Television made an entry into both countries and became a boon for filmmakers in both countries. The Indo Nigerian Film Association regularly organizes Films and TV programs to be screened in each other’s country. It also encourages the co-production of films and TV programs by Indian and Nigerian professionals. It imparts education and provides facilities for training for Nigerian media professionals in the makingin India. Sandeep Marwah is the Chairman of the Indo Nigerian Film Association.

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