Gifted with an artistic bent of mind, handsome Sandeep Marwah was naturally attracted to the theatre which had a strong presence in Delhi during the heyday of the renowned theatre personality B.V. Karant.
He had learnt by doing and practiced almost all aspects of the stage-craft including acting. Sandeep Marwah was associated with the production of close to one hundred stage shows. These include the following.


  • Andher Nagree Chaupat Raja
  • Bhaya Ka Devta
  • Dial M for Murder
  • Meha Ujjallee
  • Rustom Sohraab
  • Baqi Itihaas
  • Ek Se Bad Kar Ek
  • Hum Do Hamare Do
  • Chhayya Nut
  • Jasma Oddan
  • Ghalib
  • Oh Mere Sapane


  • Mrs. Meena William
  • Nadira Babbar
  • NSD- Umesh Gupta
  • Nadira Babbar
  • Nadira Babbar
  • Sandeep Marwah
  • Sandeep Marwah
  • Sandeep Marwah
  • Rathi Barthlomiya
  • Nadira Babbar
  • Nadira Babbar

Together with Raj Babbar, Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Anupam Kher, Pankaj Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Dolly Kapoor, Vijay Kashyap, and some others in group called ‘HUM’ Sandeep Marwah formed his own theatre group and named it as Diamond’s Club. He is now associated with a number of theatre groups all over India.