Sandeep Marwah is conscious of the fact that print Journalism practices had laid the foundation of the modern day electronic and digital journalism. He is of the view that print journalism still has a great role to play in informing and educating the masses. He attaches due importance to print journalism-both as the media educator and a practicing journalist.
  • Sandeep Marwah is the media adviser to a number of dailies and periodicals including

    Utkal Times Chetna Manch
    Indian Dominion La Mode
    Nature and Health Model &Trends
  • Sandeep Marwah is the Editor-in-Chief of

    Corporate Interface- a periodical of Asian Business School.
    Panorama-a periodical of Asian School of Media Studies.
    The renowned Asian News Agency.
    The newly published weekly tabloid Country and Politics.
    Sandeep Marwah is the patron of:
    Newspaper Association of India-a body of about 6000 journalists.
    All Journalists Association of India a body of 1000 journalist
    Still Photographers Association of Noida
  • Sandeep Marwah has established a Publication Division with in Marwah Studios he has so far edited 18 Media books including:

    Techniques of Film Editing.
    Monographs on the Techniques of Film & Television Production.
    Producing – Directing for Screen Presentation
    Creating effective visual
    Screen Play Writing
    Technical Television
    Camera Optics
    Television & motion picture; Camera Equipment
    Lessons in Diction
    Lighting for Motion – Pictures and Television
    A coffee table book on the acting icon Amitabh Bachchan.
    History of Haryanavi Films
    Reel a biography of R. K. Ramchandran
  • Which also publishes Journals & Research papers regularly. Sandeep Marwah is the Founder President of:

    International Journalism Center established to promote journalism activities.
  • Sandeep Marwah organizes:

    Annual International Festival of Journalism to support the budding and the established journalist in various ways.
    Sandeep Marwah has taken the initiative to declare February 12 as the International Day of Journalism.
    He has written more than 1400 write-ups, which have been published so far.

In Uniform

Sandeep Marwah had been fascinated by the style and colours of the uniform
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Gifted with an artistic bent of mind, handsome Sandeep Marwah was naturally
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Awards & Achievement

National Award for the Preservation of Nature
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